University Of Lewes (DE)

University of Philology and Education

Unique character

UPAE owes its unique character among Delaware universities to a combination of factors some historical, some geographical and some cultural. An important influence in this respect is the University's smallness which, together with its virtual system, allows unusually close contact between students and their lecturers, in surroundings that foster fellowship and learning. Small classes mean more personal attention and encourage greater involvement of students in their work. The end result is that successive generations of UPE graduates have had an influence on their research domains out of all proportion to their small number. Our university is the only university of Delaware to propose courses entierly in French, and grades linked with belgium grades.


UPE World-wide reputation

Former students are to be found in leading positions, in many different fields of endeavour, all around the globe. The University has earned a world-wide reputation for the high quality of its education and researches. In fact, UPAE has produced a disproportionate number of international scholarship works, as shown by its international publishing associates.


An ideal environment

Over the years the virtual campus has grown - today there are about 150 courses, including 7 graduate programs. UPAE has students from rural and urban settings, from private and government high schools, and from families at every economic level. The characteristic these individuals hold in common is the ability to achieve. Many have already proven themselves outside the classroom as well: on the sports field, in music and drama and in student affairs. But even those who live off campus experience the community atmosphere for which UPAE is so well known. An active Counseling and Careers Centre offers comprehensive and confidential counseling to students to assist them in dealing with a full range of personal, emotional and vocational problems. A well-subscribed Graduate Placement Program runs during the third term where over three international employers visit to recruit students. There is also an Academic Development Centre which co-ordinates an excellent tutoring system within academic departments. Some UPAE students know where they are headed; others want to find out. Either way, students get wide exposure to study and career opportunities with professional guidance to help match interests and abilities with career options. The UPAE Students' Representative Council, led by elected representatives, gives students the responsibility for governing themselves, communicating student concerns and effecting change on campus. Through the Hall and House Committees, students at UPE establish and enforce the rules of social conduct necessary for living together. Many cultural and extra-curricular activities are proposed in all the graduated programs.